Welcome to the Hanseatic Cities at the Rhine

Neuss, Dinslaken, Wesel, Kalkar & Grieth, Emmerich am Rhein

Hanse Cycle Path

Discover our four Hanseatic cities on the Rhine by bike. A route along the Rhine from Neuss to the Dutch border behind Emmerich am Rhein.

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Guided Tours

Discover the Hanseatic cities on the Rhine.

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Hanseatic Festivals

The Hanseatic period was generally regarded as one of the most economically and culturally successful periods in the history of cities. Reason enough to celebrate this time with parties

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Neuss is one of the oldest cities in Germany. Over 2,000 years ago, the Romans laid the headstone with the “Novaesium” legion camp at the mouth of the Erft into the Rhine.


Dinslaken is a cycling town, Fairtrade town, shopping town, sports and cultural centre, characterised by medium-sized companies in the middle of a beautiful landscape – the green gateway to the Ruhr region and gateway to the Lower Rhine.


“Vesalia hospitalis” – Hospitable Wesel. Wesel received this honorary name in 1578 from Flemish religious refugees, who felt warmly welcomed in our city. Wesel presents itself as hospitable and open-minded even today. We are proud of our traditional history as a Hanseatic city and our cultural diversity.

Kalkar & Grieth

Kalkar is a medieval, lively and modern town in a central location in the Lower Rhine. On October 20, 1230 “Calcaria nobile oppidum” –  the noble city – was founded and received town rights in 1242.

Emmerich am Rhein

The old Hanseatic and European city looks back on more than 775 years of city history and is today a destination for visitors from near and far.